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Assalamualaikum Dear Community Members

InShaAllah, the Islamic School of Irving’s, Tanzeel Academy will begin its fifteenth year of the full-time Hifdh program this coming year. Alhamdulillah, with over 140 huffadh since our inception, not only do we have well qualified teachers, we are part of a big ICI and ISI family with state of the art facility and diverse population. Our integration with ISI provides each child an ability to complete memorization with revision in three years while they are supported to prepare for state mandated STAAR tests with an option to take math and english classes at ISI.

The intensive testing for the admission to the full time Hifdh will be conducted during a four-week long Hifdh Pass program. To qualify for the Hifdh Pass, students must be at least 7 years old by the screening date and be able to fluently read the Quran properly, applying the rule of tajweed by looking in the Mushaf. For detailed Hifdh pass screening guideline and criteria, please visit Tanzeel Academy website. Students will be qualified based on the performance throughout the Hifdh pass program. Participation in this program will enable your child to get acquainted with the atmosphere of memorization of the Holy Quran.

Screening tests for participating in the Hifdh Pass will be conducted on Saturday May 30th 2020 (If Masjid reopens and city ordinances are lifted we will test on an earlier date), between 10:30am and 1:45pm.

The actual Hifdh Pass will be conducted from  June 1st 2020 to June 25th 2020. During these four weeks, students will be tested for their ability to memorize on their own, their quality of recitation, retention, aptitude and behavior etc. In addition, parents’ cooperation and commitment will also be considered.

If your child is accepted for Hifdh Pass test, an email will be sent to you on or before April 25th 2020 confirming the same. Last day to complete the registration process for Hifdh Pass will be  May 8th, 2020.


Jazakumullahu Khairun,

Tanzeel Academy Team