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Assalamualaikum Dear Community Members,

ICI Tadrees will conduct an online Tafseer classes instructed by our own Imam Kashif Ahmed every day between 5pm to 6pm. The Class will go over the translation and a brief explanation of each verse.

This is an opportunity for us to be the best amongst people by learning the Quran. Imagine being in Salah, Traweeh, or an event where Quran is being recited and being able to understand what is being read. As most people with the knowledge will tell you that it is a most wonderful feeling following along with the reciter, and it brings a closeness to Allah like never before.

With the Covid-19 pandemic keeping us in our homes, this is an excellent opportunity for us to improve our Islamic knowledge and use it to build the awareness of Allah in our lives. We look forward to seeing everyone in the community join the class.

Jazakumullahu Khairan,

ICI Tadrees Team