COVID-19 Emergency Response Team

ICI has formed an Emergency Response Team to assist our community in whatever way we can.

We are also reviewing the possibility of starting Tele-Health through our Free Medical Clinic, Insha Allah.

To apply for financial assistance click on this link. Also, you may contact any of the individuals below for assistance:

• Hassan Hye: 214 492 3111
• Kamal Hassan: 214-779-1500
• Malik Hayat: 972 822 8028
• Nordean: 214 404 7596
• Malik Khizar: 214 704 7279
• Abdul Khabeer: 630-561-5462
• Badees Nouiouat 469-570-1774

We are also looking for individual volunteers to assist especially people who can provide rides, buy groceries or otherwise run an errand. Please call one of the numbers above to volunteer.