Room 223

Ages: 10+


Spanish 1 Club
4:00-5:00 PM
Fee: $8 / class
(Material included)

Instructor:  Sr. Karen Osorio
Club Introduction

Spanish 1 presents the basics of the Spanish language spoken in Latin America.

Students learn greetings, verb conjugations, basic vocabulary and pronunciation, as well as grammar.
Increase your ability to hold a conversation in Spanish, and lay a foundation for the future.
Spanish I is designed as an introductory course for absolute beginners, and as such will establish a strong foundation in Spanish learning.

This is a class with lots of speaking!  This course features some interesting activities, both in listening as well as writing. It will be educational & fun!

Arts & Crafts Club
5:00-6:00 PM
Fee: $8 / class
(Material included)

Instructor:  Sr. Karen Osorio
Club Introduction
Art & Craft workshop is designed to provide creative opportunities for those who want to learn modern art skills. Students work side-by-side, exchanging ideas and techniques. Workshops are open to students 15 years old and older, with a common goal of learning new skills and being creative. Artwork may include but not limited to canvas art, do-it-yourself crafts , abstract painting and more.

Terms and Conditions

ICI Clubs tuition varies by club (Please see Club details).
Tuition payments are due before the start of class, and are only accepted online.  
ICI Clubs will not issue any refunds regardless of attendance.  
You are responsible to pay for any necessary material fees and supplies, if any, for your child(ren)'s club.

Students must dress in appropriate Islamic clothing.  No shorts or sleeveless shirts.

Students may not bring to school MP3 players or weapons of any sort.  Cell phones must be silenced and kept in backpacks at all times and may not be used until after school.
ICI or ICI Clubs are not responsible for keeping your child(ren) in class or monitor their whereabouts.

Any damage to ICI property by the student is the responsibility of the parent.  The parent will be required to bear the full cost to repair any damage caused by their child.
The administrator has the right to expel any child at any time for misbehavior including, but not limited to: abuse of Masjid property, disrupting class, and disrespect of teachers and/or staff.
ICI management and school staff are not responsible for any injuries, accident, loss and/or damage to the participating students.

If you have questions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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