The Islamic Center of Irving Outreach Department strives to provide complete and accurate information about Islam for Muslims and non-Muslims.  In addition to our conveying information about Islam through our website, we also host open houses and Discover Islam course for the non-Muslim public, give informational tours of our center and presentations on Islam to groups and individuals.  We also assist new converts to Islam with learning the basics of the faith and its practices, as well as assisting them with their social needs.
Vision: To be the minaret of Islam in the West by promoting its genuine image.
Mission: Be a resource of comprehensive Islamic education and information dissemination for Dallas/Fort Worth communities, outreaching and bridging across them.

We need Da'ee volunteers. Please Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Open House

Islamic Center of Irving host the following opportunites for the public to tour our center:

- Weekly guided tours for the public every Sunday from 2:30 - 3:30 pm (no appointment necessary)

- Annual Fall or Spring Open house events featuring a tour, presentation & q/a, and refreshments (please see calendar for future dates)

- Tours and presentations upon request (for groups or individuals).  Plaese contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 972-812-2230, ext. 1005 to schedule a tour and/or presenation.

Ansaar Program

In Islamic history the early Muslims migrated from Mecca to a town in the north, Madinah. The people of Madinah were known as the "Ansar" and were very generous, loving, and inclusive of their new brothers and sisters who joined them in Madianah. The Ansar in true brotherhood gave support and assistance to the New comers, in that tradition we offer our Ansaar Program to channel the Community Efforts toward the Integration of All New Muslims.

Campus Dawaa

Presentation on Islam in various college classes. We work with professors, students, organizations to deliver lectures, Q & A sessions, booths, and co-ordinate tours of our facility as well. Education about Islam and Muslims is the main focus of these activites.

Special Event Booths

Booths are placed periodically at city events,

Banners on Big Highways

This project is under study for the inclusion of the entire DFW community to get behind a Public Relations Campaign to further our goal of community outreach and eduation.

Ads in Major Newspapers

Ads & Editorials in major newspapers like Dallas Morning News will be placed 2 times a month or before any Open House. these ads stimulate tremendious response from our neighbors and others who request materials by mail, or schedule visits to our center for tours, classes, and getting to know us.

Prison Dawaa

The Islamic Center of Irving will coordinate its prison Dawaa program with IANT. Currently the two committees of the respective centers are planning for future sessions. The ICI Dawaa group will host a Ramadan Iftar for the Muslim prisoners.

Faith Based Outreach-Dawaa

The Dawah team at ICI does visitation to Churches & other faiths to deliver lectures, social, and community relations are a big part of the experience for all involved.

Targeted Audience

Our main audience is the City of Irving and our immediate neighbors. We are blessed to receive many out of town guests from passers by at DFW Airport, as well as many visitor from smaller communitys where Islamic Centers are not fully established.

Outreaching to the Local Community

Various informatory lectures on Islam will be given to the local Irving City council, Fire department and the police departments.


Conduct the seminars by inviting scholars on Dawah and Outreach. These experts help facilitate consistent delivery of the message of Islam.


Islam 101 classes started for New Muslims, delivered weekly by our Imam and other knowlegeable brothers and sisters: Sundays at 4-6pm. These classes are for all levels of new muslims from: one day to 30 years in the faith. A great time to learn, share, ask questions. These classes will focus on strengthening the fundametals of Islam for these newly reverted Muslims.

Discover Islam for non-Muslim guests to learn about the basics of Islam delivered weekly. There are classes weekly for our non-muslim friends on Sunday's at 6PM. These classes are repeated each week and are open to the public. Lead by the ICI Outreach volunteers and Imam.

Free Dawah Materials

Upon request from worldwide ICI dawah provides Free Quran, Islamic books, brochures, Prayer rug and Kufi.