Masjid Operations

The Irving Masjid operations fund is how we bring you the many services and events here at the center. 


 The operations fund is used in the following ways:

  • Water / Electricity and other fixed costs
  • Event materials and food for community events
  • Cleaning
  • Payroll
  • Marriage counseling
  • Youth events
  • IT infrastructure
We rely on Allah SWT first and then your hard work and donations to make sure that we are all able to enjoy a safe, clean, and spiritually uplifting environment at the center.  Jazakum Allahu Khayran for your time and money donations!

Expansion Phase 2

Help us take your center to the next level by finishing out the gym and remaining classrooms.  Our youth deserve a safe yet exciting commuinty center where then can come and relax, study, or play, rain or shine Insha-Allah!  With Allah’s help and our collective effort, work has already started and Insha-Allah we are moving forward.
  • Two full size basketball courts
  • Dividable into 4 (quadrants) with sound deadening panels
  • Two full size basketball courts
  • Large screens for hosting large scale seminars
  • Foldable Bleachers
  • Room for 16 classrooms
  • Connected to the main building
  • Free up space in the main building for other activities


The Islamic Center of Irving Outreach Department strives to provide complete and accurate information about Islam for Muslims and non-Muslims. The outreach fund is used to provide critical outreach services to non-Muslims as well as new Muslims in our community and well beyond. The outreach fund is utilized in the following ways: 

When you donate to the ICI Outreach department, here is how you donation is put to use:

  • Open Houses
  • Discover Islam classes
  • Open door masjid tours on a weekly basis
  • Islam at hospital program
  • Islam at school program
  • Prison dawah
  • Bus & Billboard dawah

Without your support, it will be impossible to fulfill the thousands of requests that are currently being met. We are indebted to Allah SWT and you for your precious gifts in order to serve the people.